Class myphysicslab.lab.graph.AutoScale

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Watches the VarsList of one or more GraphLines to calculate the range rectangle that encloses the points on the graphs, and sets accordingly the simRect of a SimView. The range rectangle is the smallest rectangle that contains all the points, but possibly expanded by the #extraMargin factor.

Enabled and Active

To entirely disable an AutoScale, see #setEnabled. Assuming the AutoScale is enabled, it will react to events in the SimView and GraphLines as follows:

  • AutoScale becomes inactive when the SimView's simRect is changed by an entity other than this AutoScale. This happens when AutoScale observes a SimView event called LabView.SIM_RECT_CHANGED.

  • AutoScale becomes active when one of its GraphLines broadcasts a RESET event. This happens when a graph is cleared, or when the X or Y variable is changed.

You can also call #setActive directly to make an enabled AutoScale active or inactive.

Time Graph

For a time graph where one variable is time, the range rectangle in the time dimension has a fixed size specified by #setTimeWindow. The default time window is 10 seconds.

Events Broadcast

GenericEvent named #AUTO_SCALE is broadcast when the range rectangle changes.

Parameters Created

  • ParameterNumber named AutoScale.en.TIME_WINDOW see #setTimeWindow.

  • ParameterNumber named AutoScale.en.AXIS see #setAxis.

new AutoScale( name, graphLine, simView )


name of this AutoScale.


the GraphLine to observe in order to calculate the range rectangle of its points


the SimView whose simRect will be modified to the range rectangle

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