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A set of Variables. Variables are numbered from 0 to n-1 where n is the number of Variables.

VarsList is a myphysicslab.lab.util.Subject and each Variable is a Parameter of the VarsList. This makes the set of Variables available for scripting with myphysicslab.lab.util.EasyScriptParser.

Unlike other Subject classes, VarsList does not broadcast each Variable whenever the Variable changes. And VarsList prohibits adding general Parameters in its #addParameter method, because it can only contain Variables.

As a Subject, the VarsList will broadcast the #VARS_MODIFIED event to its Observers whenever Variables are added or removed.

Continuous vs. Discontinuous Changes

A change to a variable is either continuous or discontinuous. This affects how a line graph of the variable is drawn: DisplayGraph doesn't draw a line at a point of discontinuity. A discontinuity is indicated by incrementing the sequence number.

It is important to note that #setValue and #setValues have an optional parameter continuous which determines whether the change of variable is continuous or discontinuous.

Here are some guidelines about when a change in a variable should be marked as being discontinuous by incrementing the sequence number:

  1. When a change increments only a few variables, be sure to increment any variables that are dependent on those variables. For example, if velocity of an object is discontinuously changed, then the kinetic, potential and total energy should all be marked as discontinuous.

  2. When dragging an object, don't increment variables of other objects.

  3. When some parameter such as gravity or mass changes, increment any derived variables (like energy) that depend on that parameter.

Deleted Variables

When a variable is no longer used it has the reserved name 'DELETED'. Any such variable should be ignored. This allows variables to be added or removed without affecting the index of other existing variables.

Events Broadcast

new VarsList( varNames, localNames, opt_name )


array of language-independent variable names; these will be underscorized so the English names can be passed in here. See myphysicslab.lab.util.UtilityCore#toName.


array of localized variable names


name of this VarsList


if varNames and localNames are different lengths, or contain anything other than strings, or have duplicate values

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