Class myphysicslab.sims.engine2D.BilliardsApp

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Simulation of a table top billiards game with several balls bouncing against each other and against the sides of the table.

This app has a #config function which looks at a set of options and rebuilds the simulation accordingly. UI controls are created to change the options.

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new BilliardsApp( elem_ids )

elem_ids{container: string, div_graph: string, div_terminal: string, div_time_graph: string, graph_controls: string, images_dir: string, label_terminal: string, show_sim: string, show_terminal: string, sim_applet: string, sim_controls: string, tab_list: string, term_input: string, term_output: string, time_graph_controls: string}

specifies the names of the HTML elementId's to look for in the HTML document; these elements are where the user interface of the simulation is created.

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