Class myphysicslab.sims.layout.AbstractApp

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Abstract base class that creates the standard set of views, graphs and controls which are common to applications that run an myphysicslab.lab.model.ODESim.

Defines regular expressions for easy Terminal scripting using short names instead of fully qualified property names.

The constructor takes an argument that specifies the names of the HTML elementIds to look for in the HTML document; these elements are where the user interface of the simulation is created. This allows for having two separate simulation apps running concurrently on a single page because each app can have different ids for its HTML elements.

No global variables are created other than two root global variables: the myphysicslab global holds all of the myPhysicsLab classes; and a global variable is created for this application instance. This application global is created outside of this file in the HTML where the constructor is called. The name of that global variable holding the application is passed to defineNames() method so that short-names in scripts can be properly expanded.

new AbstractApp( elem_ids, simRect, sim, advance, eventHandler, energySystem, opt_name )

elem_ids{container: string, div_graph: string, div_terminal: string, div_time_graph: string, graph_controls: string, images_dir: string, label_terminal: string, show_sim: string, show_terminal: string, sim_applet: string, sim_controls: string, tab_list: string, term_input: string, term_output: string, time_graph_controls: string}

specifies the names of the HTML elementId's to look for in the HTML document; these elements are where the user interface of the simulation is created.


name of this as a Subject

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