Class myphysicslab.sims.pde.StringShape

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Defines initial conditions of a string used in the myphysicslab.sims.pde.StringSim PDE simulation by specifying the initial displacement and velocity at each point of the string.

How to find the correct velocity for a traveling wave:

The d'Alembert equation for a left-moving traveling wave is f(x + ct), where f() is a general single-variable waveform, think of it as f(x) moving to the left as t increases. The velocity (partial derivative with respect to time) is then c f'(x + ct) which at time t=0 is c f'(x). So take the first derivative of the waveform, and multiply by c where c is the wave speed = sqrt(tension/density). Right-moving wave is f(x - ct) with derivative -c f'(x)

new StringShape( length, name, opt_localName )


localized name of this SimObject (optional)

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