Class myphysicslab.sims.roller.BrachistoApp

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Displays the myphysicslab.sims.roller.BrachistoSim simulation. The Brachistochrone simulation shows a ball sliding down each of the curves without friction, with gravity acting.

The various curves shown are defined in the myphysicslab.sims.roller.BrachistoPaths class. The Mathematica notebook Brachistochrone Curves shows how the curves were chosen. The goal is to find a variety of curves that start at the origin (0, 0) and pass thru the point (3, -2).

new BrachistoApp( elem_ids )

elem_ids{container: string, div_graph: string, div_terminal: string, div_time_graph: string, graph_controls: string, images_dir: string, label_terminal: string, show_sim: string, show_terminal: string, sim_applet: string, sim_controls: string, tab_list: string, term_input: string, term_output: string, time_graph_controls: string}

specifies the names of the HTML elementId's to look for in the HTML document; these elements are where the user interface of the simulation is created.

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