A group of LabControls which implements the LabControl interface.

A typical usage is to ensure a group of buttons stays together, such as playback buttons for rewind, play/pause and step actions. Put the buttons into a single <div> element, and make a GroupControl whose top element is that <div>.

Another usage is to insert a <br> element to break up long lines of controls into logical groups. The GroupControl has the <br> as its top element and an empty list of other controls.




name_: string

the name of the button


  • Returns the top level Element of this control. For example, this might be a label Element that encloses an input Element.

    Returns HTMLElement

    the top level Element of this control

  • Returns a minimal string representation of this object, usually giving just identity information like the class name and name of the object.

    For an object whose main purpose is to represent another Printable object, it is recommended to include the result of calling toStringShort on that other object. For example, calling toStringShort() on a DisplayShape might return something like this:


    Returns string

    a minimal string representation of this object.

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